Don't Look Back

The Updates Go On The Front Page

Welcome to the definately new and hopefully improved childprogeny webpage. Hopefully you will find it more interesting than the old page, since the old page quite frankly sucked. Now, I don't know what I may put up here, but I will try to make it more intellectual than the nonsensical babble that was featured prominantly on the previous incarnation of this site, making me look like a total whackjob. Hopefully I will be able to get some friends or aquaintances to write in with their thoughts on some subjects, allowing me to show other peoples' opinions presented in comparison or contrast to my own. As a fairly useful side effect, this allows me to slack off on the updating. So that's always a positive. Thanks for looking here everybody, I hope you are entertained, or at least do not feel an overwhelming need to hunt me down and shoot me in the face after visiting my interweb page. Thanks to for the help with the style sheets.

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- Finisvita